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Artist's Statement

Ambiguity is a hallmark of my work, and this open-endedness is an invitation to ponder.


Often the contradictions are more structural, such as the contrasting forms of the fixed anchor and dynamic sphere in Origin. Other works, like Link, provoke us through their sheer mystery.  An installation of seven monumental sculptures appear to be artifacts with an unknown origin or purpose. By presenting such seemingly familiar yet puzzling forms, I encourage viewers to see my works through the probing eyes of an archeologist. To broaden our mental horizons, we need to question. 


I present questions, not answers, in my art. I leave it to viewers to interact and find the answer. Such artistic prodding can help prepare us to face life's larger challenges.  As Aristotle observed, "philosophy begins in wonder." Indeed, my sculptures trigger a chain reaction of wonder and speculation.


-- Tash Taskale

Selected Artistic Activities

Public Collections

2023 - Le Moyne College, Syracuse, NY

2010 - Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY

2009 - City of Syracuse, NY

2008 - City of Bodrum, Turkey

2008 - Hartford Art Council, Hartford, CT

2004 - Stock 20 Art Space, Taichung, Taiwan

2001 - Downtown Art Project, Ithaca, NY

2000 - Painting and Sculpture Museum, Ankara, Turkey


Private Collections

2017 - Private Collection, “Wishing Tree #4”, Fayetteville, NY
2014 - Private Collection, “1101”, Syracuse, NY
2012 - Private Collection, “Wishing Tree”, Syracuse, NY
2012 - Private Collection, “Link 2”, Hakone, Japan
2011 - Private Collection, “Connected”, San Francisco, CA

Exhibitions & Festivals

2007 - Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy

2001 - Convergence International Art Festival, Providence, R.I.

2000 - Solo exhibition, Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara, Turkey

2000 - Solo exhibition, Gallery Per Caso, Kobe, Japan

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